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Durability of Different Patch Types

Patches are available in different types and can be customized according to your use case. Each type of patch varies in durability and sustainability. Therefore, it’s important that you know how durable and sustainable each type of patch is and how your use case can affect your choice.

The best thing about custom made patches is that you are able to design and customize every element. Customization choices can range from selection of patch types, materials, design, colors, size, attachments and other add-ons. The best way to decide is to know how and where the patches will be used.

Every patch type has its own level of durability and sustainability as well as different customization options. Let’s discuss the patch types we offer for customization and their durability features.

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are manufactured by embroidering thread on a base of polyester fabric also called twill. The polyester twill is used as a background or base for the thread to be embroidered on. We can customize embroidered patches according to your use case to make sure you get long lasting durability.

The standard base material for patches is polyester twill but other materials like felt can also be sued. Twill is extremely durable and washable.

Embroidered patches are washable under normal situations, but you must consider you use case to determine if they are the right fit for you.

Never use a scrubbing brush on embroidered patches as this can lead to the threads being displaced which can damage the design.

You won’t be able to wash very stubborn stains from embroidered patches, like stains of grease. If your use case is something that can stain the patches very often and you want to use patches on your work wear or shirts, you should carefully consider your choice. As an alternate if you really love the embroidered style you can select dark colors if you think they would be exposed to some dirt.

At the same time you need to consider your choice of attachment. You wouldn’t want to iron on patches on your dry-fit football shirt as it will be washed too often and the patches will peel off from the dry-fit material, but again nothing is set in stone. If your use case is temporary and you need a quick solution to get your football team kits branded as soon as you can, you can iron them on and distribute them to the players and each player can sew the patches themselves later on.

PVC Patches

Polyvinyl Chloride is a polymer that is used in multiple heavy industries for its incredible durability and resistance. You can customize PVC patches to have a thickness of 1.5mm and can go up to 4 mm in usual circumstances. The color pigments are mixed with liquid PVC material and the manufacturing process involves multiple stages of production. PVC patches have arguably the greatest durability of all patch types we have available.

  • They do not peel or fray
  • No stain retention
  • Frequently washable
  • Can be scrubbed
  • Resistant to fire up to a certain point and time
  • Heavier than most patches (which can be a pro or a con, depending on your use case)
  • Great choice for outdoors, uniforms, military and law enforcement use cases
  • Great choice for work wear for outdoor workers.

Chenille Patches

Chenille yarn is embroidered on felt fabric with the loop stitch technique to make chenille patches. Chenille patches should not be washed as frequently as embroidered or woven patches as the chenille yarn can shed fibers and after many washes the yarn can look rumbled and will lose its tightness and strength. Hence, chenille is more popularly used to manufacture custom varsity patches which are attached to letterman jackets and jackets are not washed frequently. However, your choice depends on your individual use case. Just remember.

  • Less washing
  • No scrubbing

Woven Patches

Woven patches made with warp and weft technique and have better durability and sustainability than any other textile based patch. Woven patches are washable and can be ironed depending on the material that is used. With textile based patches the top most concern is staining. Just like embroidered woven patches can also be stained but allow for a bit of light scrubbing as well.

  • Washable
  • Can be lightly scrubbed
  • Can be ironed
  • Most light weight of all patches

 Leather Patches

We can customize leather patches in two types and each type of leather has its own durability features.

Real Leather

Real 100% leather is very durable and it should not be confused with genuine leather which is a very common marketing term used in the fashion industry for synthetic leather products.

Our 100% real leather patches are top grain and veg tanned. It is extremely resistant to water and fire up to a certain point and time. 100% real leather patches are mostly used on denim articles in the fashion industry. Real leather patches are heavier and expensive than faux leather patches. Real leather patches do not crack or peel off after prolonged exposure to sunlight and water.

Faux Leather

Faux Leather, which is also known as genuine leather, is used by most of the popular designer brands around the world. Faux leather patches are synthetic and man-made, they look better than real leather but are less durable. Faux leather is not resistant to water and is not the ideal choice if your use case involves multiple washes.

Faux leather patches can be a good choice for hats and jackets, but it’s not a good choice for shirts. The top layer of faux leather patches can peel off after multiple washes. Faux leather can also peel off with time in areas where there is no regular air circulation, like drawers and cupboards.

Let Us Assist You

As discussed, all types of patches have their own durability and your choice depends on your particular use case. At UltraPatches our goal is to suggest you the best patch type and attachment for your particular use case. Our sales representative will help you all along the customization process and will make sure that you get patches that fulfill your purpose. You can reach out to us by filling the price quote form or email us at