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Customize your embroidered patches at UltraPatches. Our embroidered patches are known for their precision and quality material. We use the best embroidery machines to manufacture your patches.

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True Customization Features

A range of options and add-ons to choose from to give your patch the perfect look and feel. Having thoughts on customizing your personal or work shirt with patches? Think UltraPatches custom embroidered patches. You can create embroidered patches with iron on backings and much more, identify members of your team or workplace, build the morale of your team, and do much more!

The traditional patch with the vintage embroidered look, the main style. Made with the finest embroidery thread these patches are used by fashion brands, corporate brands, sports teams and sporting events, government services like Police, Fire Departments, Military and other agencies for their uniforms. These patches can be used anywhere on clothes, caps, jackets, caps, jeans, bags, and shoes.


custom embroidered patch with 50 percent thread coverage

Fifty Percent

Around fifty percent of your design will be covered by embroidery thread. The rest will be covered by twill. Best for minimalistic and text based designs.
custom embroidered patch with 75 percent thread coverage

Seventy Five Percent

More than seventy five percent of the design will be based on embroidery thread coverage. This option works well when you have a single color background
custom embroidered patch with 100 percent thread coverage

100 Percent

Each and every aspect of the design will be covered by embroidery thread. Twill will just be used as a base and embroidery threads will be used to form the full design


close up of blue polyester twill fabric for embroidered patches

Ployster Twill

Standard base material made of woven polyster. Its diagonal weaving pattern is very distinct and fabric has great opacity and is very durable and washable.
embroidered patches with green felt fabric used as base and embroidery done with white thread


A non-woven textile fabric made of blended, pressed and condensed synthetic fiber like rayon and viscose. felt is washable, but should be ironed on very low temperatures.
custom embroidered patches with camouflage polyester twill used as base fabric

Camouflage Twill

Same as the standard polyster twill but weaved on a military camouflage pattern. Our camouflage twill option is great for Military, Army, Airsoft and Tactical patches.
Yellow color water resistant nylon fabric which is used as base fabric for embroidered patches

Premium Nylon

Smooth, silky, shiny and h3er tahn ployster, usually used for recognition and awards patches.


circle custom embroidered patch with split doughnut and pizza design with white merrow border


A thick border created with interlock stitch technique around the patch. Can only be applied on general shapes like circle square and ovals, not for complex custom shapes.
Biker nation custom embroidered patch with stitched borders on cut to shape design


A regular embroidered border around the aptch made with stitching then the border is either hot cut or laser cut.
red custom embroidered patch with frayed edges

Frayed Edges

Loose threads left hanging on the border of the patch.
embroidered patches with hot cut knife cut to shape borders

Hot Cut

A simple border cut to shape by a hot knife.

Laser Cut

Used for design with complex and irregular shapes, border is cut to shape by a high precision laser guided machine.

No Border

A patch without borders.


Extra Threads (More than 7)

All designs come with a standard quantity of 7 thread colors, but there is always a possibility of adding more thread colors.


The design is tufted with cottonand embroidered over it to create a 3D look and feel.


Multi-color threads by 3M® that will shine and reflect on direct exposure to light. A distinct and unique feature which is great for outdoors and the dark.


Bright threads that give an animated effect to your patches, available in limited primary colors only.
Embroidered US flag patch with glow in the dark thread


Photo luminescent silk threads that create a radium like afterglow upon exposure to light. Available in green, blue, yellow and pink.

Gold and Silver

Regular polyester or silk threads in shining gold and silver colors. Great for a premium look and feel.


Our high quality sequin patches will uplift your clothing and give it a rich look. You can use these patches on shirts, trousers, bags etc. We do sequin patches in all sizes and shapes combined with iron on, sew on and other options, you will remember these sequin patches for a lifetime as they are a true work of art


Sew on

Patches with plain sew on backing can be attached by sewing the patches to hats, shirts, bags or any other article.

Iron On

The most popular backing if you want to permanently attach your patches to clothing, hats, bags or any article.


Hook and loop velcro backing is a convenient choice to attach your patches if you have more than one patch.


Magnet patches are great for attaching to metal surfaces.


A great choice for one off events when you want to temporarily attach a patch and remove it later when you are done.


A great choice for attaching your patches to smooth surfaces and then removing them later on as and when required.


Embroidered Name Patches

Great for uniforms, embroidered name patches.

Embroidered Logo Patches

Custom embroidered patches made for your brand logo.

Embroidered Morale Patches

Custom embroidered morale patches for your military units.

Embroidered Hat Patches

Custom embroidered patches made for use on your hats.


here are several factors that would effect the pricing of your custom embroidered patches. The size and the percentage of embroidery is one of the most important factor alongwith borders and backings selections. Make sure to reach out for a custom quote before calculating the price yourself, we might be able to get you a better price when we quote you personally based on your design, and also give you a special discount based on the quantity.


Special OptionsAdditional Cost
Iron-on BackingAdd $0.10
Adhesive BackingAdd 12%
Button LoopAdd 8%
CamouflageAdd 15%
Frayed EdgesAdd 12%
Gingham LineAdd 8%
50% embroidery with glow in the dark threadAdd 50%
75% embroidery with glow in the dark threadAdd 75%
100% embroidery with glow in the dark threadAdd 100%
Magnetic BackingAdd 25%
Magnetic PatchAdd 25%
Merrowed BorderAdd 12%
Metallic ThreadAdd 15%
Pin PatchesAdd 12%
Puff PatchesAdd 15%
ReflectiveAdd 25%
Swarovski CrystalAdd $0.10/10 crystals
Velcro BackingAdd 15%
Velcro PatchAdd 10%
Vintage Worn StyleAdd 20%


Making embroidered patches is a multistep process. This blog article explains the full process of manufacturing embroidered patches.

Thread coverage is the percentage of embroidery that is used to form the design on the patch. Learn more about embroidery coverage here.

Yes, with laser cut and hot cut border technology we can make any desired shape of patch.

Fill the quote form and our customer representative will get back to you with a quote. Once the quote is approved we’ll prepare a sample for your approval.

It depends on the shape of the patch. Merrow borders can be used only on common shapes like square, rectangular, circle, oval etc. Stitched borders can be used on all shapes.

The total turnaround time for embroidered patches 12-14 days.

You can choose iron-on, sew-on, Velcro, magnetic, peel and stick and pin backing.

You can choose polyester twill, felt or nylon.

Yes, you can choose your preferred thread color from our thread chart or let our designers make the choice for you.

Yes, overlock and zig-zag stitching is available.

You can choose upto 16 thread colors per design.

Yes, you can choose different colors for the same design.

Yes, the number of thread colors should not be more than 16.

Yes, we have in house graphic designers who will convert your sketch to vector art.

Yes, you can choose the kind of options you need and let us know, we will quote you accordingly.

Any image format is good for us.

Embroidered patches and woven patches have very distinct and contrasting differences which we have explained in this comparitive article.

Yes, you can easily iron on embroidered patches. Here is a step by step guide on how to iron on patches.

Yes, if you have a strict deadline please let us know beforehand we will do our best to deliver before your required date.

Customers Reviews

Your custom embroidered patches have been the best thing we have ordered for our clothing brand. The iron on backing worked really well and was very easy to setup. Thank you again.

Review 1

Our embroidered logo patches turned out really great the quality and colors were too good. Thank you for meeting our deadline.

Review 2

You guys did a great job, the quality of your patches has been immaculate. Everyone at the office loves the patches and the embroidery is very crisp and sharp.

Review 3