Custom Military and Morale

Looking for the highest quality custom military patches for sale? Look no further! We offer custom patches for any type of military organization. Whether you are in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, we understand that military, morale and tactical patches are an important part of your military uniform.

Custom Military Patches are ideal for military fatigues, military dress uniforms, military hats, military bags, more!

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True Customization Features

Why order your custom military patches from UltraPatches? Because we go above and beyond what is expected from us, ensuring every single one of our customers is 100% satisfied with their custom patch order. In fact, we offer a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee on all of our military patches!

At UltraPatches, we not only offer the best custom military patches, we also offer free design services. This means you can easily create the custom military patches you have in mind by working side-by-side with our experienced artists. Whether you need a simple military design, a more detailed military patch design, or something else, we can make it happen. Once you have finalized your custom design, we will create each and every custom patch to ensure every single one meets your exact expectations.

Designing and creating custom military patches is both an honor and a privilege. We fully understand the importance of designing, creating, and manufacturing military patches and that is why we are so confident in our ability to provide you with the custom one-of-a-kind military patches you need, no matter the occasion. Military patches not only let others know who you are and what you do, they are also used for remembrances, celebrations, achievements, morale, and to recognize special military events.

Ready to design custom military patches? How soon do you need delivery? Contact us now to start the process.



Custom Morale Patches

Help identify unit membership, unit members are both loyal and proud to wear custom morale patches.


Custom Tactical Patches

Help identify military rank and are often personalized for each individual wearer


Custom Air Force Patches

Customized Air Force patch options for Air Force squadrons


Custom Infrared Patches

Special patches that easily show up during the night, help protects military personnel from friendly-fire


embroidered airsoft patches

Custom Embroidered Patches

Classic and retro patch style from the 70’s. Embroidery is a craft, it’s rich and it's vintage. Our embroidered patches are stiff and strong. Choose this style if you are looking for a classic patch. Not recommended for designs with very complex and intricate artwork or gradient like shading.

airsoft pvc patches

Custom PVC Patches

Our custom pvc patches have an unbelievable look and persona. With a unique depth and dimension that will get some eyes locked on them, PVC patches can be made with unlimited colors and they dont fray or peel with time. Being durable and long lasting than other styles these high quality patches are made of dipthalate free material. Perfect for rough, tough and outoor use.


Custom Chenille Patches

Most commonly used on varsity and letterman jackets, chenille patches feel soft and look very rich but are mostly used as a filler in areas that measure more than 1 square inch, our custom chenille patches can be mixed with embroidery and other add-ons as well.

red cross airsoft woven patch

Custom Woven Patches

Multiple color threads interlaced with each other to create your artwor on a patch. Our custom woven patches great to achieve perfection for detailed designs with multiple shades and thin design features that embroidery cannot achieve. Available with all backing options.


Custom Leather Patches

Can be used as patches or labels, our full grain, suede, nubuck and faux leather patches will take you back to the Wild Wild West. A great option to use on beanies, gloves, jeans and other articles. We make leather patches with crazy horse, pull-up, embossed, stitched and printed effects.


Custom Printed Patches

Your design will be printed as it is on a synthetic satin material with all the available add-ons and backings to choose from. Custom printed patches have a quicker turnaround time than most styles. This patch style is used for photographs, portraits and designs that have multiple gradients and overlapping shades.



Sew on

A sew on backing means the patch can be attached by hand or by using a sewing machine. This backing choice ensures the patch will stay in its exact location.


Iron On

An iron on backing is the best choice when you are looking to permanently attach a customized patch. This backing choice is very durable and adheres well to most fabrics.



A Velcro backing lets you easily transfer your military patch from one garment to another. This backing choice is both flexible and durable, making it an industry standard.



Need your custom military patch to adhere to a metal surface vs a piece of clothing? This magnetic backing option is exactly what you need!



You can easily attach and remove your patch using a pin backing. These discreet backing pins work great as they do not damage fabric.



Looking for a patch-sticker combo to display your custom military patches? Choose this peel-and-stick backing option to place your customized patches on just about any static surface!

Customers Reviews

Although I already had a supplier, still I ordered some custom patches online from these guys, the price and quality was great. They converted my raster sketch to vector art and the sample was approved in the first shot. Good Going Guys !! Will definitely order again.

I did not know it was so simple and quick to get a custom design manufactured to patches. You guys were awesome throughout the process. I have ordered from a few different vendors before but your quality and pricing really stands out.

Top notch service and the best quality I have ever had. You guys did a great job !