Custom Fire Department

At UltraPatches, we specialize in creating high-quality, custom-made patches designed specifically for firefighters and fire departments. Whether you're looking to embellish your uniforms with unique badges, add emblems to your gear, or commemorate service with memorable insignia, we have everything you need to showcase your fire department pride.

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True Customization Features

Choose from a wide range of styles including embroidered, iron-on, Velcro-backed, and more. Our custom patches are perfect for jackets, shirts, helmets, and any part of the firefighter uniform. Stand out with custom-designed fire department logos, symbols, and emblems that reflect the spirit and valor of your team. From apparel to accessories, our patches integrate seamlessly with firefighter gear, clothing, and equipment. Enhance your uniforms or gear up for duty with patches that meet the highest standards of quality and design.



Team Member Identification

Identify members of different ranks within a unit. Fire department patches can feature specific logos, insignia, and names, ensuring that firefighters are easily recognizable during emergencies, at community events, and when collaborating with other emergency services.


Commemorative Events

Fire department patches are often created to commemorate significant department milestones, achievements, or anniversaries. These patches serve as a tangible reminder of a department's history and achievements, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among team members and the community.


Awards and Recognition

Fire departments can use patches as a form of recognition for exceptional bravery, years of service, or special accomplishments. These patches are awarded during ceremonies and are worn proudly on uniforms, serving as a badge of honor and a motivator for continuous exemplary service.


Trading and Collecting

Patches are popular items for trading among firefighters from different regions and countries. They are also collected by enthusiasts who appreciate their aesthetic and historical value. This tradition fosters camaraderie and a global community among firefighters and enthusiasts alike.


embroidered airsoft patches

Custom Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are a classic choice for fire departments, offering durability and a traditional textured appearance. These patches can feature intricate designs and vibrant colors, making them ideal for displaying department insignia and ranks on uniforms.

airsoft pvc patches

Custom PVC Patches

PVC patches are known for their ruggedness and weather resistance, making them suitable for fire gear exposed to harsh conditions. Their three-dimensional look and feel can make fire department symbols stand out distinctly.


Custom Chenille Patches

Chenille patches provide a vintage and plush look, often used for letterman jackets and ceremonial gear. These patches are great for showcasing large, bold letters or numbers, such as those used in station identification.

red cross airsoft woven patch

Custom Woven Patches

Woven patches can achieve greater detail than embroidered versions, making them suitable for intricate fire department logos and text. Their flat and tight weave ensures clarity for even the most complex designs.


Custom Leather Patches

Leather patches offer a sophisticated, high-end look. They are durable and age well, perfect for fire department jackets or gear that require a touch of elegance while maintaining a professional appearance.


Custom Printed Patches

Print patches allow for high-resolution and detailed images, perfect for complex fire department logos or photographic commemorative designs. They are versatile and can be produced quickly for events or uniform updates.



Sew on

Sew-on patches are the most traditional and secure method of attachment, ideal for fire department uniforms that undergo heavy use and frequent laundering. These patches will stay in place under rugged conditions, maintaining their professional appearance.


Iron On

Iron-on patches provide a strong, permanent bond without the need for sewing. They are a quick and efficient choice for fire departments looking to outfit multiple uniforms with consistent, durable insignia.



Velcro patches offer versatility and convenience for firefighters, allowing for quick removal or attachment of patches to different parts of the uniform or gear. This is particularly useful for units that need to switch patches frequently for different roles or tasks.



Magnetic patches are an innovative choice for temporary placement or when uniforms cannot be modified permanently. These patches can be quickly swapped or removed and are ideal for administrative personnel or for special events.



Pin patches are another temporary option that can be used for dress uniforms or special occasions. Pins allow for easy transfer between different pieces of apparel, making them flexible for use in ceremonies or non-field events.



Sticker patches are typically used for short-term applications, such as promotional events, educational purposes, or one-time gatherings. They are easy to distribute and apply, providing a hassle-free option for temporary identification or decoration.

Customers Reviews

Although I already had a supplier, still I ordered some custom patches online from these guys, the price and quality was great. They converted my raster sketch to vector art and the sample was approved in the first shot. Good Going Guys !! Will definitely order again.

I did not know it was so simple and quick to get a custom design manufactured to patches. You guys were awesome throughout the process. I have ordered from a few different vendors before but your quality and pricing really stands out.

Top notch service and the best quality I have ever had. You guys did a great job !