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Order affordable, durable and top quality custom PVC patches only at UltraPatches. Strong, flexible and robust with vibrant colors and exceptional quality, our custom PVC patches are the perfect choice for all kinds of use. Customize your pvc patches with us to get the best value for money and a superior product.

  • 50 Patches for $239 | 100 Patches for $349
  • Available in 2D and 3D
  • Free Velcro Backing
  • 18 Days Turnaround

Custom PVC Patch Maker With A Range of Options

PVC patches are strong, flexible, lively and very long lasting. Our custom PVC patches have a unique depth that cannot be achieved with any other style of patches. Being water proof, durable and resistant to extreme temperatures makes them a great choice for uniforms, military, law enforcement, EMS, sports and other heavy duty use.

Our PVC patches are robust and can withstand extreme pressure and force, separate moulds are manufactured to create each unique design. If you are looking for a PVC patch maker that provides you with the optimum value for your money, rest assured as we have the highest quality, the best price, and the lowest order quanitity. Our PVC patches come with a wide variety of design elements to choose from, we also offer PVC patches with magnetic backing, glow in the dark and metallic add-ons. If you are unsure that your design is workable for PVC patches or not check out our blog post on PVC design limitations.



This element is based on levels and edges. In 2D the levels are in steps but all layers and edges are flat. This kind of effect is good for simple text based artwork.


This effect is also based on levels, but the levels and edges are sculpted to give the specific design element or the whole design a 3D effect.


Glow in the Dark

Photoluminescent powder is added to the color pigment to give the patches an afterglow Nontoxic and environment friendly.

Sew Channel

A sew channel is created around the border of the patch so that it can be sewn easily on garments and other objects.

Full Color Printing

Full color CMYK printing is done on the PVC Patch for designs with shades and color fades.

Partial Screen Printing

Partial elements of the patch are screen printed and partial is covered by PVC layering


The standard thickness is 2.5mm. PVC patches can be done upto 5mm thick as well.


Sew on

Patches with plain sew on backing can be attached by sewing the patches to hats, shirts, bags or any other article.


Hook and loop velcro backing is a convenient choice to attach your patches if you have more than one patch.


Magnet patches are great for attaching to metal surfaces.


A great choice for one off events when you want to temporarily attach a patch and remove it later when you are done.


A great choice for attaching your patches to smooth surfaces and then removing them later on as and when required.


PVC Morale Patches

Build your military units spirit with our custom made PVC morale patches.

PVC Tactical Patches

Order PVC patches for your tactical gear. Whether you are from the army, police, Fire or EMS we have all your needs covered.

PVC Patches for Hats

Order custom PVC patches for your hats and caps choose from a wide range of backing options to give your head gear the look you desire.

PVC Labels

Buy custom PVC labels for your brand. Can be used on bags, clothing, hats and other articles.

PVC Luggage Tags

Custom PVC luggage tags are a great option to distribute as a giveaway to your customers.

PVC Patch Pricing

The factors that effect PVC pricing are the size and quantity. The higher the quantity you order the lower will be your per patch price. The fact that even ordering a single patch will require us to produce a metal mold first, makes the pvc patch pricing at a minimum level. So, if you make one patch or order 100 patches the mold has to be made, so the higher the quantity the lesser your cost per patch will be. Our pricing includes unlimited colors, we dont charge extra for additional colors or velcro backings. The best way to get a final all inclusive price is to submit the quote form and let our representative get back to you with a price quote. Not to forget any surprise discounts we might have for you.


Mold SizeMold Charges
Mold SizeMold Charges


The first stage is to design the mould/die cast for a CNC engraving machine. This is the stage where we use your artwork to create a mould/die cast design. Once the design is ready a copper plate according to the size is put into the CNC engraving machine and your artwork is engraved on the copper plates creating cavities/hollow spaces in the copper plate like this.
In the second stage PVC material is injected layer by layer into the cavities forming different aspects of the design. Each layer is baked and then cooled and then the second layer is added and again baked and cooled. If there is a third or fourth layer the same process is repeated till the final baking of the base layer which is usually in most designs the background of the PVC patch.
In the third stage the PVC material that had been injected in the mould/die cast, after being baked off and cooled off is then manually removed from the mould/die cast in one piece to form beautiful patches. Learn more about the full manufacturing process here.

Yes you can choose any kind of shape for your PVC patches there’s no limit to your imagination.

Yes, our basic pricing is based on upto 4 colors, however if your design has more colors, it is always possible to add more.

There,s no limit to choosing colors on PVC patches, as the ink is injected individually into each layer unlimited colors are possible.

Yes, we have very skilled vector artists who can convert your sketch to vector artwork which can be used for mould/die cast production.

Yes, with PVC the add-ons are very limited but you can definitely mix and match as per your preference.

If you don’t like the vector design we made for you, you can always ask for unlimited corrections.

PVC patch pricing depends on per piece pricing and the mould/diecast pricing, both prices are added up to come with the costs.

If the artwork is ready/approved our sample turnaround time is 5 business days and production turnaround time is 12 business days.

We would just need the artwork, size specifications and quantity of your order to start with your order.

Yes we will provide a digital mockup before mould/die cast production. Any changes to the design has to be done at this stage.

Once the artwork mockup is approved we manufacture the mould/die cast and show you an actual sample photograph directly from our factory.

Customers Reviews

Your custom pvc morale patches turned out to be very popular with the team. The colors came out great as well.

Review 1

Thank you for the advice to order 3D pvc patches, my boss really like the sculpted look on the patches. We will definitely order more from you guys.

Review 2

Your pricing, service and product quality has been unbeatable. The pvc patches have turned out to be a great addition to our squad. I will be referring you guys to other teams as well.

Review 3