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What is a PVC Patch Mockup?

We at UltraPatches are the experts at making PVC patches. While submitting their designs and before placing an order, our customers often ask us how their custom PVC patches would look like. Customers want to see before they place an order whether their patches would turn out to be artistically pleasing or not. For this reason and to remove any doubts we create PVC patch mockups.

A PVC patch mockup can help you to visualize how your patches will turn out before you give us an approval for production. These mockups also come in handy when we are designing and engraving the mold for PVC patches. PVC patch mockups are used to show customers any design limitations that might be a challenge for final production.

So how do these mockups look like? Here’s one below:

custom PVC patch mockup

As you can see that the mockup consists of all design details regarding the patch.


As you can see, the mockup contains the final image of the patch, and along with the final image we have a color legend that shows customers which colors are being used on the patch, with all the Pantone color codes mentioned next to each color. This helps them compare colors at their local print shop with the help of a Pantone Matching System (PMS) formula guide book. For PVC patches we only use PMSC or coated (c) colors. Please note that colors on the screen and the color on the physical book always differ slightly. It’s always best to match colors by using a Pantone Matching System formula guide book which can be purchased or found at your local print shop.


Different levels are also shown on the mockup to inform customers how the leveling on the patch is being done. This way they can visualize which design characteristic is raised and which one is on the same level. Most designs can be made by using 2 levels but making 3-5 levels is also possible.


The thickness of the patch is also shown on the mockup. The more levels we use the thicker the patch is. The most common thickness on a 2 level patch is 2.5mm and can go up to 4mm.

Recessed Lines:

We also show on the mockup where the recessed lines will be. Recess lines are thin lines on the patch to separate color changes on the patch, it is necessary to add a recess line whenever another color is used on the same level. When the design has a shift in color and we are on the same level we need to add a recess line in between for color separation. If we don’t want to add a recess line then we have the option of moving one level up. Recessed lines are always thin and black in color.

Sew Line:

Sew-line placement is also shown around the patch. The sew line is where you can use a needle and a thread to attach the patch to clothing articles, the sew line is also used to stitch the Velcro on the rear side of the patch. On the mockup, the sew line is shown in a contrasting color only to show the placement of it. On the actual patch it will always match the color of the border.


The mockup also tells which backing will be attached on the patch and the color of the backing used.

Final Product:

Once the customers are satisfied with the mockups or if the required changes are done, we start the PVC patch manufacturing process. This is what the final patch looks like and how it compares with the patch mockups that were approved by the customer.

custom pvc patch final finished product

So if you are searching for a patch maker to customize your PVC patches just reach out to us via the price quote form, give us a call on 541-248-8831 or email us at to discuss your requirements.