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Customize premium and rich chenille patches with UltraPatches. Create custom chenille patches, varsity letters, letterman patches and award patches for your jackets or university and college sports events. Choose from a wide variety of yarn and felt colors and customize your patches the way you want.

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True Customization Features

“Chenille” is French for “caterpillar”, this technique and yarn is believed to have been founded in France 300 years ago, this soft, furry, feathery yarn has a caterpillar fur appearance and feel to it, hence it’s called Chenille. Although not recommended for overly precise and detailed designs, chenille is basically used in simple designs and used as a body filler to fill any outline design to give it a premium and rich look in small and large designs like letters, numbers and shapes.

If you are looking to design and create custom chenille patches whether they be small or large letters, numbers or any other design we here at UltraPatches are experts in designing chenille for all kinds of uses, whether it is for your letterman or varsity jackets or you want to use chenille on a normal embroidered patch coupled with machine embroidery. You won’t go wrong with our quality and superb service. Our patches stand out from the crowd and are sure to give a premium feel with a bang for your buck.


Single Felt

A chenille patch bordered by a single layer of felt.

Double Felt

Patch bordered with double felt layering to give a more premium feel.

Triple Felt

Patch bordered with a triple layer to give a more premium look and increase the thickness and weight of the patch.

Chain Stitch

A standard chain stitch border right after the chenille yarn outlining the design, between the chenille and felt layers.


Chenille patch bordered with a merrowed interlock stitch on the first layer of felt.


An embroidered border on the first layer of felt.


1-2 Yarn Colors

Our chenille patches are priced on a standard of 1-2 colors.

3-6 Yarn Colors

Add more than 3 and up to 6 yarn colors to your chenille patches.

Embroidery Mixing

Add a little bit of embroidery to your chenille patch


Sew on

Patches with plain sew on backing can be attached by sewing the patches to hats, shirts, bags or any other article.

Iron On

The most popular backing if you want to permanently attach your patches to clothing, hats, bags or any article.


Hook and loop velcro backing is a convenient choice to attach your patches if you have more than one patch.


Magnet patches are great for attaching to metal surfaces.


A great choice for one off events when you want to temporarily attach a patch and remove it later when you are done.


A great choice for attaching your patches to smooth surfaces and then removing them later on as and when required.


Varsity Patches

Order custom chenille patches for your varsity jackets.

Letterman Patches

Order custom chenille patches for your letterman jackets.

Mascot Patches

Want chenille patches for your school, college or university mascot, you’ve come to the right place.


Order large and small chenille letters.


Order large and small chenille numbers.

Pricing For Chenille Designs and Logos

Several factors like size, quantity and add-ons like double felt and mixing the patches with embroidery can increase the price of your custom chenille patches. The best thing is to submit the quote form alongwith your artwork and get a custom quote from us. Not to forget any surprise discounts we might have for you.


Special OptionsAdditional Cost
Iron-on BackingAdd $0.10
Adhesive BackingAdd 12%
Button LoopAdd 8%
CamouflageAdd 15%
Frayed EdgesAdd 12%
Gingham LineAdd 8%
50% printroidery with glow in the dark threadAdd 50%
75% printroidery with glow in the dark threadAdd 75%
100% printroidery with glow in the dark threadAdd 100%
Magnetic BackingAdd 25%
Magnetic PatchAdd 25%
Merrowed BorderAdd 12%
Metallic ThreadAdd 15%
Pin PatchesAdd 12%
Puff PatchesAdd 15%
ReflectiveAdd 25%
Swarovski CrystalAdd $0.10/10 crystals
Velcro BackingAdd 15%
Velcro PatchAdd 10%
Vintage Worn StyleAdd 20%


Chenille patches are popularly used on letterman and varsity jackets, but can also be used on other articles like caps, hoodies, t-shirts and bags

Felt fabric is used as a base upon which the chenille yarn is stiched. Chenille stitching is technically called a loop stitch. The felt fabric makes the patch stiffer as chenille yarn is very thick to be stitched on other fabrics like twill.

It is advised to use chenille as a filler in most designs, if you want to form a complex design with chenille style, the design should be large with very few details, filling shapes with chenille yar is good it is advised not to use chenille in spaces less than 1 square centimeter Thats why it works best with letters and numbers

Chain stitch is a technical term used for the stitching on the border on chenille patches. Almost all chenille patches have a chain stitch border around them. Chain stitch is also used to separate two chenille yarn colors.

Yes you can order any kind of shape the shape is dependant on the felt, the felt can be cut into any shape before the chenille yarn is stitched on it.

Yes, chenille patches are fully washable, but make sure you dont use high force machine washing as they do have a tendency to shrink

Our chenille yarn is made of rayon and olefin

There is no restriction on choosing a backing for your chenille patches. Iron-on, velcro, adhesive, magnetic, all backings can be used

We have a good range of yarn colors, please check this article on our blog.

Of course you can use more than one color, just be sure that the area is large enough, preferably more than 1 square centimeter

Yes, we can customize your chenille patches with a mix of both embroidery and chenille.

Single felt, double felt, embroidery mix and chain stitch can be added on to customize your chenille patches

It depends on the quantity, our total turnaround time for 50 patches is 10-12 days. For 1000 patches the turnaround time is 15-18 days.

Customers Reviews

The chenille letterman patches have been a huge success for our class this year. The quality was really good.

Review 1

Thank you so much, the chenille varsity patches are perfect, everyone at the university is really excited to use them.

Review 2

Thank you for working with us on our design, we really love the custom chenille patches you guys did for us, please save the files as we will be ordering more soon.

Review 3