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How To Use Leather Patches and Labels For Branding

Leather has been an age old material that has been utilized by man since the start of the human civilization. Over the period of time different manufacturing techniques have been invented to improve the look and feel of leather. Focus on comfort and aesthetics have made leather a popular and durable material that is used by the fashion and apparel industry across the world.

The invention of man-made synthetic faux leather has enabled fashion and apparel brands to offer well designed and environment friendly products at lower costs than 100% real leather. Fashion designers and brands have utilized this opportunity and come up with more creative ways to use leather in their products. It has covered a long journey from being perceived as “Rough & Tough” in ancient times to being perceived as “Rich, Premium & Vintage” in modern times.

The fashion and arts industry has come up with creative ways to utilize leather not just as a raw material for clothing but also as an embellishment. These embellishments are small but enhance the look of the product in a very subliminal way. The use of vintage typeface and fonts on leather patches and labels has been very common among brands that share the same persona. Since the last century leather patches and labels are being used to brand various articles of clothing and fashion accessories.

Here are five ways leather patches and labels have been used in the fashion and apparel industry and how you can utilize these use cases to come up with an idea to brand your own product or business.

  • Denim Clothes

Labeling is a very important requirement for fashion and clothing goods. Leather patches and labels have been utilized by the fashion and apparel industry to brand products. The blue denim and brown leather combination has a very vintage, western and American appeal to it. Leather patches are commonly sewed on to the waist bands by denim manufacturers. These patches are uniformly embossed with the brand logos. Leather patches have also been used on denim jackets for labeling on the front or near the waist to showcase the brand.

  • Hats

Leather patches have be popularly used by fashion brands on hats as well. The tan brown leather on a black cap is a winning combination. Denim hats also adorn leather patches just like denim jackets. Leather patches can be used to brand hats and beanies. Leather patches can be customized and attached on hats by businesses to showcase themselves to their customers. Many of our clients that customize leather patches for hats are suppliers and retailers of survival gear, hunting equipment and fishing equipment. Hunting is an age old survival activity and so is leather. Hence they associate their brand with leather.

  • Bags and Accessories

Leather has been used to label all kinds of bags. It has been used to brand leather bags, canvas bags or bags made of any other textile material. Leather labels are aesthetically pleasing and showcase a very premium personality of the brand.

  • Shoes

Small leather labels can be branded with logos and text and can be affixed on any part of the shoe for branding. Leather patches can also be used as shoe charms.

  • Luggage

Leather can be used to make leather tags to personalize luggage. Companies can give out leather luggage tags to their customers as a giveaway. Many luggage companies attach these tags to their products for sale or give out the luggage tags as a promotional giveaway with the sale of their products. Many sellers can emboss your name on luggage tags as a free service after you purchase a product from them.

  • Other Products

Leather patches can be used to brand all kinds of leather and fabric products. One of our customers uses leather labels to brand dog collars and dog leashes. Leather can be used to make labels for any kind of packaging like boxes. It’s all about how creative you can be and how you perceive your brand to utilize leather in its persona.

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