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Different Types of Patches

Choosing the right patch type for customization can be overwhelming since there are so many different options. If you’re looking to buy custom patches it’s essential for you to know all the different types that are available, and the different aspects of each patch type, such as material, colors, design compatibility, durability, finishing, texture and purpose.

At ULTRAPatches we can customize all types of custom patches:

  • Embroidered
  • PVC
  • Chenille
  • Woven
  • Leather
  • Printed

Let’s look at the advantages and purposes of each type of patch style.

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are incredibly durable, affordable, and versatile. If you’re looking for high contrast designs or something with many different tones, then these patches are the way to go. The texture is fantastic and will really make your design pop out. Learn more about designing an embroidered patch. Since embroidered patches have a speedy turnaround, you can order them in bulk and still make deadlines.

You’ll find these patches virtually anywhere. Most people use them for sports, motorcycle clubs, girl/boy scouts, military, law enforcement, and various other government organizations.

Before computer technology entered the scene, all embroidered patches were made by hand. Today, manufacturers can produce them rapidly with uniform design and quality. Such technology allows you to have practically any design you want as an embroidered patch. This process is called digitizing.

When you combine that with extreme durability and fantastic texture, it’s no surprise that several organizations choose the embroidered style for their custom patches. If you’re looking for a high-quality patch to represent your organization, then we recommend you consider choosing the embroidered type. Before you order your custom embroidered patches you need to calculate on how much embroidery thread coverage you need on your patches, as this is an important factor that effects the cost and the look of your patches.

We offer great deals on custom embroidered patches and can help you with your artwork. Our turnaround time for embroidered patches is roughly ten days after you approve the sample. The sample is shown to you in three days.

PVC Patches

PVC patches contain Polyvinyl chloride, a soft plastic that resembles rubber. The material is incredibly malleable and can take any shape or size. Best of all, these patches are soft to the touch and have a three-dimensional effect.

PVC patches are similar to embroidered, but a bit more contemporary. You get the same level of detail but with a sleeker design. Since these are made of soft plastic, they are perfect for rough play or harsh weather. PVC patches are resilient to snow, rain, dirt, gravel, and much more.

As a result, the PVC style is trendy, making it an excellent option for custom patches. They’re flexible, long-lasting, and go with just about any occasion. PVC patches can also be made with glow in the dark effect.

You can easily create custom PVC patches in whatever color or shape you want. Because we use high-quality materials, you don’t need to worry about the color fading. You’ll see several organizations using PVC patches, such as the military, paintball teams, airsoft teams, sports teams, etc.

PVC patches are a bit more expensive than embroidered ones (read our head to head comparison), however, they last much longer and are easy to customize. Our turnaround time is approximately 20 days after we finish the mock-up design.

Chenille Patches

Chenille patches are incredibly iconic. You might already have one if you still have your high school Letterman jacket. They provide a vintage vibe and are generally used to showcase achievement, but they can also be incredibly fashionable. Chenille patches have been around for over 100 years and aren’t going out of style anytime soon.

The term chenille is French for “caterpillar,” which perfectly describes their fuzzy texture. You can get chenille patches in a wide variety of colors and shapes, making them an excellent option for schools with different logos. They are also highly affordable so that several organizations can order them in bulk. 

Chenille patches aren’t the best if you’re looking for a lot of detail, but they look unique with bold contrasting colors. Modern machinery allows manufacturers to produce high-quality chenille patches at an affordable rate quickly. 

If you are after a stylish way to showcase your spirit, we highly recommend you get custom chenille patches. We can help you with your designs and provide you the best price on the market. You get free shipping on all orders at UltraPatches, so reach out to us today to learn more about our custom chenille patch designs. 

Woven Patches

If you’re looking for something with incredible detail, woven patches are the way to go. These may not offer the same vibrancy as embroidered or PVC patches, but they look fantastic for showcasing beautiful artwork, here is a detailed comparison.

Woven patches give off that “classic” vibe and have an elegant feel to them. You can get them in several colors and have intricate details on your design.

We produce top-notch woven patches at an extremely affordable rate and with a quick turnaround. Our high-quality threads can make any design stand out. But before you order custom woven patches, make sure they will not be exposed to the elements or harsh physical contact.

Leather Patches

Leather patches have taken the fashion industry by storm. It’s almost impossible to find a handbag, pair of jeans, or backpack that doesn’t contain a leather patch. They are stylish, long-lasting, feel fantastic, and create a bold representation of your brand.

We offer authentic leather patches from thick hides to give you the highest level of durability and style. However, we also provide faux leather for vegan or budget-conscious shoppers.

No matter what you choose, custom leather patches are a great choice if you want to stay chic. Send over your logo or artwork today to get started.

Printed Patches

Printed patches provide a level of detail that is nearly impossible to get from any other patch. The process works the same as printing on t-shirts, so you can only imagine the possibilities. Unlike other options, printed patches give you photo-realistic designs, so you never have to worry about losing image quality or simplifying your design for production.

Custom printed patches are perfect for those who want photo realism and include gradients on their final product. Also, printed patches are incredibly affordable and easy to manufacture.

You can choose several different backings that best suit your style. If you care about intricate detail and vibrant coloring, printed patches are likely the best option.

Any questions?

This was a brief overview of each type of patch, so it’s understandable if you still need some help deciding which material is best. Reach out to us at or call us on 541-248-8831 to learn more about the different types of custom made patches we offer — we’re happy to help.