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Glow in the Dark PVC Patches

Are you looking for exceptional PVC patches that look stunning round the clock? Looks like our customized glow in the dark PVC patches are perfect for you!

Glow in the dark PVC patches appear to be a simple white color in daylight. However, if you charge the glow in the dark patch correctly (by exposing it to light during the day or keeping it under a light bulb), the patches will glow a vivid green color in the dark.

How It’s Made

The glow in the dark effect on PVC patches is achieved by adding photo-luminescent powder to the PVC pigment. If you are interested in the science this article might interest you.

How It Works

During the day, light is absorbed by the photoluminescent powder and it charges the area (photons) on the PVC patch. So, if you put these patches to the sun or keep them under a light for a few minutes, they’ll be ready to shine (radiate photons) in the dark.

You can include glow elements in your custom PVC patches in many different ways. If you want to go all out, you can even cover your entire patch in glow PVC and leave out the text and illustrations. we show patch mockups before you place an order with us. Simply tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen!

Who Should Order

Well there’s no limit on who should order PVC patches with glow effect, but they are very practical for outdoor use in the night and for people working in a dark environment. We have had construction companies order these for their workers who are working outdoors in the night, they are also very practical for people in the mining business. We have had some nightclubs order glow in the dark patches as well. So if you plan to use your patches in the dark and you want the people wearing them to be visible and identifiable then it is a very practical option for you.

Custom Glow in The Dark Patches

You can use the glow in the dark feature when ordering any of our customized patches, which means that you can make your patch designs glow in the dark!

Allow one of our expert graphic designers to assist you in turning your innovative concept into a high-quality glowing patch.

Our skilled team will make as many revisions to your artwork as you need. Take advantage of our free unlimited revisions offer to get exactly what you want.

Ordering is simple, all you have to do is request a free quote by sending us your art design or reference samples.

Here at UltraPatches we help you design and create your custom patches. Select from a wide variety of options and get what suits you best!

What We Offer

At UltraPatches, we always prioritize your needs. That’s why we offer some unique features which give us a lead on the competition. That includes

  • Free Shipping
  • Minimum Quantity Requirements
  • Free Price Quotes
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Satisfaction and Quality Guaranteed

What our competition also doesn’t offer (but we do) is the no minimum quantity requirement. That means that when you place an order with us, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve ordered a thousand pieces or just 10 – we’ll be at your service whenever you need it!

Start Designing Your PVC Patches Today!

Custom PVC patches are becoming increasingly popular around the world. They’re great for everyone – whether you are a business, a sports team, a tactical unit in your local airsoft team or a law enforcement agency. In addition, PVC patches are waterproof, cold-resistant, and easy to clean if you get into a sticky situation.

So if you choose PVC patches it makes it easy for you to include crisp text and some lively illustrations with 3D effects, and if you’re searching for a patch type that defies the more conventional embroidered and woven patch types, customize your own PVC patches with glow in the dark elements or 3D artwork to wow your teammates and colleagues.