Learn How To Iron-On Chenille Patches

Learn How To Iron-On Chenille Patches

Chenille patches are incredible adornments for apparel – they make a bold statement. Chenille patches can be designed and customized according to personal preferences just like any other patches. Luckily, they don’t require hassle-filled methods of attachment. For instance, you want to flaunt your soccer club’s logo on the back of your favorite jacket or perhaps you’re really into those trendy patches everyone seems to have on their jeans these days. Looking to DIY at home? No problem! just order your iron-on chenille patches and you are good to go.

You will not need to spend money on additional backings. Rather, all you have to do is iron-on the chenille patches and you will be good to go. It’s a given that there needs to be some sort of fabric surface for them to stick to. Nevertheless, this process, although undeniably simple, does require a certain degree of caution.

Additionally, iron-on chenille patches don’t complement all types of material such as nylon, leather, rayon, or more. If you aren’t an expert on the differences between these materials, just stick to those that don’t have a slippery texture. For the latter, you might just have to sew the patches on instead for best results. Cotton, polyester, and cambric, on the other hand, are great options for your chenille patch to seamlessly stick to.

Please note that this guide teaches you how you can easily iron on a chenille patch, If you are looking to iron on an embroidered or woven patch, read this article.

Set the iron to the highest temperature

Before you do anything, make sure to set your iron to the highest temperature. Your iron needs to be scorching hot for the patch to adhere properly. Be careful while dealing with hot objects, and always wear protective gloves to prevent any accidental burns.

Prepare the surface

Put your clothes on a flat surface and stretch the fabric to remove any creases. You must have planned where you want the patch to go before reaching this step but do a little rerun. Don’t forget, once a chenille patch has stuck to the fabric, it will be extremely hard to get it off. Which is why you need to be sure about where it’s supposed to go. Place the patch onto different areas of your item – a cap, your clothes, or shoes – and imagine how it would look.

Once you are convinced, position the back of the patch – it’s adhesive/glue side – and place it over the desired spot. If you want to attach the patch at a corner, or some area that cannot be flattened out, try stuffing the item to allow easier application. This can be especially useful for when you want to iron a chenille patch onto shoes, caps or sleeves.

Use an extra cloth between the iron and the chenille patch

In order to prevent the yarn of your chenille patch from burning, take a piece of cloth (ideally cotton) and place it above the patch. This will act as a protective layer for the yarn. So, take an old t-shirt, a pillow case, or whatever that isn’t too thick or too thin.

Finally, press the iron on to the patch

Press the hot iron over the patch and let it sit for 5-7 seconds and remove for 2 seconds, again place the iron over the patches for 5-7 seconds and remove for 2 seconds keep on repeating until the patch is firmly attached. Usually, each set should last around this time but if your patch came with certain instructions on how long you should take, follow those instead. Just make sure you don’t keep it on for too long as that will only result in undesirable outcomes, and if you are ironing on chenille patches always use a cloth between the iron and the patch, otherwise you will burn the chenille yarn

Iron-on the patch from the inside

Once you are through with the above step the patch should firmly stick. However, to lock it all in and be sure, you need to turn your piece of clothing/article inside out. If you want you can again keep a layer of cloth between the patch and the iron at this stage but it’s not necessary now, just press the hot iron over the patch (glue side) from the inside for 3-4 seconds and you are all done.

That’s all for ironing on chenille patches. If you want to learn how to remove iron on patches, read this article.