PVC Patches with Iron on Backing Do Not Work

There are a variety of backing options to choose when you custom create your PVC Patches. The most popular kind of backing that most of our customers choose when placing an order or asking for a price quote are PVC patches with velcro backing.

As you know that manufacturing every type of patch has its own possibilities and limitations. Similarly, PVC patches also have their own production limitations and one such limitation is the iron on backing. Some customers ask us for iron on backing when customizing their PVC patches but unfortunately iron on backing is not available for PVC patches. Here’s why.

Adhesion Issues

Because PVC patches are made of rubber like material it is not possible to attach a thin layer of iron on glue to them as we do with fabric based patches like embroidered patches, chenille patches and woven patches.

Temperature Issues

Even if it was possible to attach the thin layer of glue, ironing on PVC patches is not safe as the heat from the iron can melt the patch especially the borders of the patch resulting in not just the destruction of the patch itself but also the article or garment on which you are trying to iron the PVC patches on. The PVC material can melt on to the article or garment.

What’s the Alternate

There are two alternates.

  1. One alternate is using a pvc glue like Loctite® Epoxy Plastic Bonder or a glue that is used to fix rubber boats or inflatables. This kind of glue works very well in attaching pvc patches to fabric based articles like caps and shirts and is also wash resistant. In our personal experience Loctite® Epoxy Plastic Bonder does the job very well, a little messy but works well.
  1. Another alternate is the adhesive backing. Although temporary, the adhesive backing is like a peel and stick sticker and does not need any iron or heat to attach the patches to the article or garment. It is not as strong and permanent as the glue method above and it’s not resistant to washing.

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