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How to start playing Airsoft

Looks like you are having a little bit of a hard time getting started with airsoft. Don’t worry you’re in good hands now. Let’s get this started shall we. A lot of people are asking me that they want to start with Airsoft but they don’t know how to go about doing it so in this article we will be discussing that very topic and I think that a lot of you guys will actually […]

How to Remove Iron on Patches

Iron on patches are attached to fabric with a heat activated or fusible adhesive; while these patches are easy to apply they can be much more difficult to remove. Additionally, removed patches tend to leave behind unsightly glue residue and stains. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to remove iron-on patches. Melt and Peel Method: The idea is to melt the glue that has the patch holding on to the clothing. Check […]

History of Letterman Jackets

You know what makes people look cool? Sunglasses, but if you are a more specific demographic of a high school, college or university and you want to show your classmates that you’re the most awesome one around then there is absolutely one way to do it and that is with a Letterman jacket. Letterman jackets also called letter jackets and varsity jackets are these cool articles of wool and leather that you see those jocks […]

How to Iron On Patches: A Step by Step Guide

Looks like you ordered some custom iron on patches from us and are looking for a way to safely iron them on to your clothing article. Well, we have written a full and comprehensive Do It Yourself guide below for our customers on how to iron on patches so you can perfectly and safely attach your patches to the clothing articles of your choice The process is incredibly straightforward, and you can use it to […]

What is a Varsity Letter?

A varsity letter or monogram is an award earned in the United States for excellence in school, college and university activities. A varsity letter signifies that it’s winner was a qualified varsity team member awarded after a certain standard was met. It symbolizes pride and achievement, and getting your hands on one is no easy feat. Varsity letters are highly coveted, and anyone who wishes to earn one needs to prove that they deserve it. […]