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Ten Ways To Use Custom Patches

A patch is an apparel embellishment accessory that is worn to express your participation, alliance or connection with a particular team, institution, group, cause or event. Patches can also be worn as a fashion accessory for embellishing, styling and decorating apparel and other accessories. Patches can be made with various material that includes fabric, thread, PVC and leather. Wearing patches or making people wear patches is a very unique and positive way of telling a story about yourself, your organization, club, brand, event, or cause.

There are various ways and ideas one can make use of custom made patches.


Whether you are an established company, a startup, a restaurant or a service provider patches can be used in all kinds of ways possible. As a restaurant you can create patches and attach them to your waiters and chefs uniforms. If you are a construction contractor or a landscaping service provider you can make custom patches for hats and give them to your workers. You can make patches for any kind of event or a motivational team building activity in your organization. If you are a security service provider you can create custom patches and attach them to the uniforms.

Sports Teams

Whether you are a school, college or a local level sports team, doesn’t matter if you are amateur or professional; patches are a great way to create an identity and personality for your team. You can create an emblem for your football, soccer, hockey or basketball team and create patches out of it with the patch type of your choice and attach it to your kits, it can be the one of the first steps in branding your team.

Law Enforcement Departments

Police departments, fire departments and emergency medical services wear patches regularly and it is a compulsory part of their uniform. Every city and county police department and fire department have their own unique emblem that is created into patches and is usually worn on the uniform sleeve. Sometimes, these departments can also make patches apart from their official emblems. These patches can be used for one off events, to celebrate a special day, to create awareness and for various motivational and morale building activities within the department.


Patches are a long standing tradition in the military and it’s a compulsory part of their uniform. Official military patches are attached on uniforms to differentiate regiments, squadrons, battalions, platoons, corps and commands. Custom name patches are attached on uniforms with the soldiers’ names. Apart from the official military patches, military officers and soldiers often customize morale patches to share patriotism, inside jokes or mark a memorable event that happened during their service for the country. Customized military patches are also made for special training and military simulation exercises.

Airsoft Teams

Airsoft is a popular military simulation (MilSim) activity among military and MilSim enthusiasts, where armed conflict scenarios are simulated for teams to battle it out and have some fun and entertainment. Airsoft teams regularly create patches for their teams, tactical units and for special events just like the military.

Motorcycle Clubs

Motorcycle patches or biker patches are popular among motorcycle club members they are usually attached to the backs of jackets and are usually larger in size than most regular logo or name patches that are attached on shirts. Usually the motorcycle club name and the logo are made in to patches and are attached to the backs of jackets of all the members to mark their affiliation with the particular club.


Scout patches are used to honor scouts and as recognition for scouting programs. Official scouting emblems and insignia are handed out to boy and girls scouts as recognition of their achievements. Scouting programs also give out merit badges as recognition for achievements in various skills like horse riding, aviation, scuba diving, gardening, inventions and many more.

School and College Awards

Patches can be given out as awards in various school and college sports and events. Chenille patches are the most popular type of patch that is handed out as an award in schools and colleges. These patches are called Letterman and varsity patches.


Different clubs can also make their own patches and hand them out to members to acknowledge the affiliation of its members with the club. Whether you are a member of a sports club, service club, social services club, hobby club, personal club, a professional society or a member of a fraternity or sorority; patches can be a great way to brand your club and distribute it among members. Patches can be made with the logo of your club and also can be awarded to members either as recognition for their contribution or achievement.


Patches can be used to brand various social and charitable events. Patches can be a great way to create awareness about the event and to create a sense of uniformity and unison amongst the participating members. Patches can be used for all kinds of situations, whether it’s a fundraising event, a social awareness event, a musical event and any entertainment or sporting event.

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