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Patch Placement Guide for Scout Uniforms

Proper patch placement on scout uniforms is essential for maintaining a neat and organized appearance. This comprehensive guide will help you understand where to place your custom scout patches on your uniform.

Left Sleeve Patch Placement

  1. Council Shoulder Patch: The Council shoulder patch goes at the very top of the left sleeve, along the shoulder seam.
  2. Pack Number: Positioned below the Council patch, the pack number patch represents your troop number.
  3. Veteran Unit Emblem (if applicable): This patch, representing units chartered for at least 25 years, is placed just below the Council shoulder patch.
  4. Den Number (for Cub Scouts): The den number patch is placed directly below the American flag patch on the right sleeve.

Right Sleeve Patch Placement

  1. American Flag Patch: The American flag patch is sewn on the right sleeve, directly below the shoulder seam.
  2. Patrol Patch: This patch, representing the scout’s patrol, is placed directly below the American flag patch.
  3. Quality Unit Patch (if applicable): Worn just below the patrol patch, this patch is awarded to troops that have earned the Quality Unit Award.

Left Pocket Patch Placement

  1. World Crest: Positioned above the left pocket, the World Crest symbolizes that the scout is part of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.
  2. Rank Patch: The rank patch is sewn onto the left pocket and indicates the scout’s current rank within the organization.
  3. Religious Knot (if applicable): Worn centered above the left pocket, the religious knot signifies that the scout has earned the Religious Emblem for their religion.

Right Pocket Patch Placement

  1. Outdoor Activity Award: Positioned on the right pocket flap, this patch is awarded to scouts who have completed specific outdoor activities.
  2. Recruiter Patch (if applicable): Worn directly below the right pocket, the recruiter patch is given to scouts who have brought another person to join scouting.
  3. Temporary Patches: Temporary patches, such as those earned for participating in an activity or completing an achievement, can be worn on the right pocket. Only one temporary patch can be worn on the pocket at a time.

Webelos and Arrow of Light Uniform Patch Placement

Webelos and Arrow of Light scouts wear the tan uniform shirt similar to Boy Scouts. When they earn their Webelos rank, they wear the badge sewn onto the left pocket. The Arrow of Light rank patch is placed directly below the left pocket and is the only Cub Scout badge that may be worn on the Boy Scout uniform.


Custom scout patches play a crucial role in showcasing individuality and accomplishments within the scouting community. By creating unique and high-quality patches for scout uniforms, members can take pride in their achievements and strengthen their bond with fellow scouts. Follow this comprehensive patch placement guide to ensure that your scout uniform is properly adorned with scout patches, representing your hard work and dedication within the organization.