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How Motorcycle Clubs Can Make Use of Patches

Patches make you stand out in the biker community. It’s a mark of honor and heritage for your club. A motorcycle club can’t be a motorcycle club without it’s own unique patches. Three piece patches are often seen on jacket backs of bikers. Even though these patches seem to be just plain old biker fashion, patches have a significance in the biker community that only bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts can resonate with.

Never out of fashion

Motorcycle clubs have been using patches to showcase their affiliations and domains for decades. The patches are usually attached to bikers’ clothing and come in many shapes and styles. Patches are a vital depiction of club culture because they can be customized with different messages and add a unique value.

Keep up with the trends

Custom motorcycle patches can be created in different sizes and shapes, they are usually large and can be attached to the backs of a jacket or vest, usually in the center. Other patches can be added over time, surrounding the large patch. You can also add a cool vibe to your bandanas and denim using small sized patches.

You can wear patches to make your motorcycle wear more attractive and stand out. There are different ways to attach your patch to your motorcycle wear. You can customize patches without any backings if you want to sew them on, if you want to avoid sewing patches and need a quicker solution you can customize your motorcycle patches with iron on backing, you can also customize your patches with velcro backing if you want to switch between the different patches you have.

Various Ways To Use Patches

  • Club Identity

Bike riders put patches on their vests or jackets to show that they belong to a motorcycle group. Every club has its unique personality which is shaped by the members. In motorcycle clubs, patches are often earned and demand effort and time to be achieved. Some patches are also related to your achievement and position in the club.

  • To demonstrate a secret pact

A patch can also have some deep meaning, motto, or belief that has sentimental or motivational value for the club. No matter the size, hidden meaning, or sentimental value, you can easily get any style and size of customized motorcycle patches nowadays.

  • To show achievement

You’ve earned an achievement; create a patch! Biker patches are also worn to display togetherness among club members and signify great achievement.

  • To support a movement

Any movement happening in your community, in your region, or even in your country deserves a biker patch to show your support. The colorful patches on your back are visible wherever you ride your bike.

  • To celebrate club events

The club is where a rider belongs! A patch can be made to celebrate the memorable events of your club, like its anniversary or any achievement or milestone your club has achieved.

  • To show your personality

You can create patches to show your distinctive qualities or character. A patch can also boost your and your team’s morale and create a sense of belonging in your community.

What are motorcycle patches made of?

There are different types of patches you can use to create motorcycle patches. The type of patch you choose depends on several factors like design, size, specific use case etc. Usually, motorcycle patches are manufactured in fabric-based types like embroidered, woven or chenille, but when it comes to customization there are other types like PVC, leather and printed/dye sublimation.

Create Your Motorcycle Club Patches

Motorcycle clubs are incomplete without patches. Patches are an embodiment of your loyalty, traditions, beliefs, club history, events, or even a story. Every club has its unique idea about the patch design, and you can easily customize this idea into an actual patch with a few clicks now.

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