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Four Ways To Attach Patches To Hats

Custom patches for hats are more popular than ever these days. People who want to get their message out there for all to see are looking for the best ways to spread their message, and creating custom products is one of the best ways for them to do this. While hats are one of the more popular custom products people are choosing to get their word out, T-shirts, jackets, and backpacks are also popular choices.

Many people are choosing to create and wear customized patch hats nowadays because they are a fun and simple way to get their message out. Whether they are looking to establish a new brand, want to make a political statement, support a favorite team, promote something they care about, or share their professional info, patch hats are the way to go. The three main types of patch hats include trucker patch hats, classic patch hats, and baseball patch hats.

Who uses patched hats? The military, bars, restaurants, schools, law enforcement, nonprofit organizations, sports teams, family reunions, more!

There are many patch options to create custom hat patches, with embroidered patches, woven patches, PVC patches, and leather patches being some of the more popular options. It is essential to first learn the benefits of each option in order to make the best patch choice. Other custom patch decisions include choosing colors, fonts, and designs, as well as a size, shape, border, and attachment option.

Four Ways You Can Attach Patches To Hats

There are four different ways to attach a custom patch to a hat. When it comes to determining the best attachment method, it really depends on the style and type of patch being used. It also depends on whether the patch is intended to be temporary or permanent.

1. Sew-On

Sewing on custom patches to hats is the most popular attachment method when looking for a permanent attachment method. A sew-on patch will stay securely in place, meaning it will never move once it is attached to the hat. The sew-on attachment method not only gives hats an authentic feel, this backing option will last forever.

2. Iron-On

Ironing on custom patches is a popular option for those who only need temporary patch placement. This backing option will only keep the patch in place for about 25 washes and is not recommended for PVC patches. Iron-on patches tend to work best on cotton and polyester hats, not vinyl.

3. Velcro

Velcro is an attachment option that allows a custom patch to easily be removed at any time. The hook and loop Velcro system makes it so the patch stays securely in place while attached to the hat. This attachment option is often chosen when placing custom patches on company or military hats.

4. Adhesive

Self-adhesive patches are also called peel-and-stick patches. This patch attachment option is similar to placing a sticker, making it the perfect backing option for short-term use. This one-time use backing option is perfect for those who are promoting products and/or services at conventions.