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Our Privacy Policies are guidelines which governs the way we collect and distribute information of our customers within and outside the website. Our Privacy Policies affects all our products and services rendered on UltraPatches.com. By using this site, you indicate your agreement to our Privacy Policy.

For any question regarding our privacy policy, please contact us via email at sales@UltraPatches.com or give us a call on 1-800-973-4507

Personal Information

Personal information is information that identifies you as a person. We only collect personal information from you when you decide to give such information to us voluntarily. Personal Information that we may request on our site include but not limited to names, age, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit card information etc. This information will be used to identify the activities you carry out on our site, such as a quote request, an order, etc.

Non Personal Information

Non personal information are pieces of information that does not identifies you. Such information includes browser name, service provider, type of machine used, etc.


We collect personal information from you for the following reasons.


One of the major reasons why we collect personal information is to help serve you better. For example, we cannot ship your patches to you unless you give us your name and address to ship your patches to. Also you cannot complete your order unless you supply us (or our payment vendor) your credit card information.


Personal information supplied to us will help us serve you better when you contact our customer service. For example, when you contact our customer service, we will need your name to enable us address you better.


We are interested in knowing how our website performs when you visit it. Thus we will require personal information and non-personal information from you when you drop a feedback about our website.


The email address you give us may be used to send you emails from time to time. These emails may be updates about our products and services, information regarding your order, response to queries and inquiries, questions, etc. Each email we send you will always have bussinessname.com as its domain name. We will never use any email outside our domain name to contact you. Furthermore we will only use the email address you send us to send you newsletters when you sign up for our newsletters. Our newsletters will contain information about the products and services we offer, company news, updates, etc. You can also unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time you wish. We place a link for unsubscribing from our newsletter at the bottom of every email we send to you.


Any time you visit our website, we will place cookies on your web browser to enhance your browsing experience. Cookies are a small computer program that stores information about you when you visit our site. Information store by cookies are meant to give an insight towards how well you interact with our website. Depending on the web browser you use, you have the option of clearing cookies, allowing cookies from our site, and blocking cookies from our website. However you should note that if you clear cookies from your web browser, we may place it again on your next visit. Also by blocking cookies from our site, you may not be able to access some of our services.


We make use of the latest encryption methods to protect the sensitive data you give us and the ones we collect from you. We employ strict data collection and transfer methods to protect your information against unauthorized access, disclosure, changes, and any other action that may impact your personal information and non-personal information.

UltraPatches.com will not share your personal information to third parties unless you give us the permission to do so. We do this in compliance with California online Privacy protection Act.


In compliance with children online privacy protection act, we will not collect or store any information for people under the ages of 13. Our website is not made in any way to entice people less than 13 years of age.


UltraPatches.com reserves the right to make any changes to this privacy policy from time to time. When such change(s) are made, we will post them on this page. Furthermore, we may notify existing users of our services about such change(s).

By using this site, you agree that it is your responsibility to keep yourself informed of our latest Privacy Policy. Also by using this site after any policy change/updates have been made, you indicate your acceptance of the latest policy in force. If you do not agree to our policies, please do not use this site.


1. Providing accurate information. We will email you a digital proof of your patch design for your approval before we start production. This proof is a graphic artist’s representation of the final product, to enable you to make any changes or corrections before committing to production of your patches. 2. Confirming your order. Before we begin manufacturing your patches, we will email you an order confirmation notice containing all the specifics of your order: type, size, quantity, colors, price and delivery date.

3. Producing your custom patches properly and on time. Once you have approved both the digital proof and the order confirmation, we will manufacture your embroidered patches within 10 days. We will ship your order directly to the address you specify. Please note: once you have approved the order confirmation and returned it to us, the sales process is complete and production of your patches is under way. Therefore, your order cannot be cancelled at that point.

4. Responding to your needs! We want this to be the best experience you’ve ever had when it comes to custom embroidered patches! If you have concerns, constructive criticism, or compliments, feel free to express them. You can call us at 302-273-4553, or email us at sales@UltraPatches.com


1. Legal ownership of any and all logos, trademarks and copyrights. When you submit your design(s) to UltraPatches.com, you warrant that you have the legal right to reproduce, or have reproduced, any logos or images associated with your order. You also certify that the production of any images you submit does not infringe on any other company or individual’s rights in any way.

2. Paying close attention to the proof provided. When we send you the digital proof of your patch design, take the time to review it in detail. Please pay special attention to the design, the spelling and grammar, and the colors. Once you have made any necessary changes, email the proof back to us. This is your signal to us that you approve the design as it appears on the revised proof. NOTE: It is your responsibility to make the final color and thread material check. Our website shows all available thread and backing material color samples to allow you to check your proof against them for color accuracy. Please go to options and addons pageand double check your thread colors.

3. Reviewing your order confirmation.We will send you an order confirmation after you have returned your proof to us. Once again, please review the information carefully. If all the information is correct, email the order confirmation back to us and we will start the production of your custom embroidered patches.NOTE:You are ordering a custom product. Once you have approved and confirmed the order, it may not be canceled for any reason. 4. Providing the correct shipping address. UltraPatches.com will produce and ship your order within 10 days. We cannot be held responsible for delays in shipping caused by inaccurate address information, U.S. Customs procedures, the misrouting of your package, or undeliverable shipping addresses.


All orders are final. Because we manufacture a custom product for you, all sales are final. Once your order has been placed, following the procedures listed above, it may not be canceled for any reason. UltraPatches.com does not issue refunds. However, we will gladly replace any embroidered patch containing defects in either materials or workmanship.

In the unlikely event a legal dispute arises, both you and UltraPatches.com agree that the venue for such a dispute is New Castle, Delaware, USA. Should the dispute pertain to the illegal use of copyrighted material or trademark infringement, you agree to defend the claim at your sole expense. You agree to pay any and all damages and costs assessed against UltraPatches.com as a result of such a lawsuit or proceeding. You also agree to hold UltraPatches.com harmless in any such lawsuit or proceeding.

All embroidered patches shown on this website that contain corporate logos or registered trademarks are shown only to illustrate the reproduction capabilities of UltraPatches.com. Purchasing merchandise from UltraPatches.com does not in any way, shape or form give you permission to reproduce logos, nor does it transfer, give or lease ownership of any logos or trademarks to you. It is your responsibility to verify your right to reproduce any logo, trademark or copyrighted material.

Thank You! We look forward to working with you!


For any questions regarding our privacy policy, our business practices, and your interactions with our website please contact us on sales@UltraPatches.com


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