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When it comes to custom patches, there are lots of factors that affect the pricing, uniqueness and the beauty.

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Whatever your ideas are, our patch options have more than enough room to accommodate it. Want to make your unique patches? Kindly use the text and art on this page below to evaluate the amount of embroidery and measurement methods for your embroidered patch design. This page is of great help when you want to get custom patches


We mean what we say and we say what we mean when we say custom. You are in charge of all aspects of your custom embroidered patch. We make our customized patches in such a way that it falls in line with what you ordered. Our artists are always here to give you the necessary help in every step of the way.

Patch sizing Options

We make custom patches in any size or shape you want. We have experience in making patches for sport teams, police, military, scouts, and many other brands and corporations. We have all it takes to give you a quality patch just as you have wanted it.

To evaluate the size of your custom patch, just add the length and the width of your patch, and divide the number by 2.


Patch Backing Options

When it comes to patch backing, we offer these options; sew-on, iron-on, button loops, adhesive backing, pin or Velcro. Each of them is tailored to meet your specific need. Don’t worry about the designs, as our experienced staff is there to help you make the best choice for your patches.

Tape Backing

Are you in need of a patch for a one-off event ? Or just need something temporary for your outfit? Tape backing is the best choice for it. It is easily removable than other backings.

Iron-On Backing

Want something permanent? Iron on backing is the way to go. It holds on to your outfit strongly. Just cover the patch with a cloth to reduce the excessive heat and to avoid burning it, and then iron on the patch for about 20 seconds until it is fully glued to the garment.

Velcro Backing

This backing method is great for people who need to out on and remove the patch later from their uniforms or other garments, as it allows for an easy removal of your patch from a garment. Best for police, fire department and military units who regularly get promoted and transferred.

Button Loop

Want to use your patches for a long time? Then button loop is for you. This kind of patch permits you to hang it from a lapel pin or a button.

Plastic Backing

This backing is made by adding a plastic to your patches in order to get a firm grip. By using this method of backing you patches will maintain its shape on frequent usage.

Hot Cut Edge

This is ideal for patches with extra detail and spectacular designs. Unlike the rounded edges, it patches with hot cut edges have sharp and well detailed edges. According to your design

Merrow Border

This is ideal for people who just want something simple and elegant for their patches. Merrow® borders are the industry standard. Patches with Merrow® borders usually have a classic and rich look and feel.

Metallic Thread

Want something flashy? You won’t be wrong if you choose metallic thread for your patches. Designs with metallic thread usually have an eye-catching and flashy appearance. Usually metallic threads are used on patches that are given out for achievements but are not limited to it. You can use metallic threads on any design and for any category of patches.

Additional Thread colors

When you place an order from us, you get the benefit of choosing up to seven thread colors at no extra cost. However, if you still want something more than seven colors we got you covered. There are over a hundred colors you can choose from. So, you get your patches done in the exact way you want them to look like.


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