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With UltraPatches, making your own patch is just as easy as a piece of cake.

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You don’t have to be an expert in making vector designs, or know anything about making patches. Just tell us what is on your mind and our team of experienced artists will bring it to life on patches. You can send us your idea by sending a photo of your existing logo or you a sketch of your ideas to our email address and we will take it from there. We accept designs in any standard computer format.

Don’t have any sketch or logo? Don’t worry, we can start from square one and design a patch that you will love. All you have to do is to contact us and our experienced designers will surely come up with an idea that perfectly fit into your organization. Upon completion of the designs, we will send you a full color image for your review. When you approve it, we’ll go ahead to bring it to life with patches. If you are not satisfied with our designs, we will redo our designs until you are satisfied with it. REMEMBER; our artworks and revisions are FREE and it will always be so. To get a more unique idea for your patches, you may take look at our great patch options. We hope you will be inspired to come up with an outstanding idea for your patches.


Embroidered Patch Color Guide

When it comes to custom patches, there are several twill and thread colors we offer. You may want to check them out on this page. To create your custom designs, we sow the thread to the twill material used to support it. Designs with up to 75% embroidery will have a visible color of the twill on the patch while the backings are not visible when patches have 100% twill embroidery covering the twill. Thus you don’t have to bother about the twill color with 100% embroidery.

The twill is a part of the background when the garment has a partial embroidered patch on it. The twill colors are visible when you prefer this method. Thus, it is pertinent to make use of the appropriate twill color. If you need help making decisions about the twill color, our artists are there to help you make a perfect decision for you.

As a word of caution, you should note that colors displayed on screen may differ in their calibration, and varies from machine to machine. For an exact color match, a Pantone© color chart will give you the identity of the color you intend to use. After checking your color on Pantone© color chart you should notify us of the number of your chosen Pantone© color. This way you are sure of getting theal color you intended for your patches.


After finalizing your patch ideas with regards to design, sketches, or reference images of existing patches, you can send them to us in any pc format to our email address at alternately you can upload the documents here. We prefer vectored work. However you can still send us anything that describes what you want and we will come up with a design for you.



After submitting your designs, our artists will create an artwork for you to check before you approve or disapprove it. Once you approve it, you be required to place an order for the patch to be done. However, if you disapprove it, we will go back to the drawing board and revise our artwork.

Note: We will not charge you a dime for revisions and we will never produce any patch for you until you are satisfied with the artwork with which we shall use to produce your patch.

design your patch


The design you approve is used to create your custom patches. When we are done with the production process, we’ll thoroughly go through our work just to ensure that they are what you want. When the product passes our quality checks, we will to ship it to you.


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