What is a Varsity Letter?

A varsity letter is a prestigious monogram awarded to high school, college and university students that participate in some form of sport or extra-curricular activity. It symbolizes pride and achievement, and getting your hands on one is no easy feat. Varsity letters are highly coveted, and anyone who wishes to earn one needs to prove that they deserve it. Varsity letters are always stitched using chenille yarn. They are also known as Letterman patches because […]

Learn How To Iron-On Chenille Patches

Chenille patches are incredible adornments for apparel – they make a bold statement. Chenille patches can be designed and customized according to personal preferences just like any other patches. Luckily, they don’t require hassle-filled methods of attachment. For instance, you want to flaunt your soccer club’s logo on the back of your favorite jacket or perhaps you’re really into those trendy patches everyone seems to have on their jeans these days. Looking to DIY at […]